JP Boodhoo - "Why I Love to Code and Teach"

I am a developer and I love to be in the trenches driving out complex business solutions that deliver value into the hands of clients.

I did, however, start off in the world of computers in a part time Computer Science teaching position. One thing I learned during that brief period is how much I enjoyed helping others improve their own skillsets. I have been blessed to work with many talented people over the years, along the way I have been able to accumulate an extensive knowledge base that I try to share with others as often as possible.

When given the opportunity to share with the community at large I feel blessed and definitely enjoy it. It is an extremely refreshing experience when you can see the light go on in the eyes of a developer who realizes the value in a concept you are trying to convey.

I have lots to learn, as learning is a continuing journey. I love being able to converse with people on a regular basis who continue to open my eyes to new possibilities!

Though my speaking engagements have cooled down in the last while; I have been blessed with the opportunity to deliver several presentations over the course of the last couple of years. The following is a catalog of some of the presentations that have been delivered.

  • DevTeach

    • Refactoring - A Primer (May 2007)
    • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (May 2007)
    • Generics: They’re note just about collections (May 2008)
    • Domain Driven Design By Example (May 2008)
  • Calgary Code Camp

    • TDD, Dependency Injection, and the DAL (May 2006)
    • Evolving to Patterns (July 2006)
    • Introducing Monorail (April 2007)
  • Calgary .NET User Group

    • Generics (February 2008)
    • Passive View Design Pattern (March 2007)
    • Applied Patterns of Enterprise Architecture (January 2007)
    • Evolving to Patterns (August 2006)
    • Evolving to Patterns - Part 2 (August 2006)
  • Edmonton .NET User Group

    • Applied Patterns of Enterprise Architecture (February 2007)
    • Model View Presenter (September 2006)
    • Test Driven Development & ASP.NET (April 2006)
  • Orlando .Net User Group

    • Generics: They’re note just about collections (July 2008)
  • Victoria Code Camp

    • Applied Patterns of Enterprise Architecture (January 2007)
    • Generics (January 2007)
  • Austin .NET User Group

    • Generics: They’re not just about collections (August 2007)
  • Winnipeg .NET User Group

    • Design Patterns - An Introduction (November 2006)
  • Next Generation User Group (London, UK)

    • Generics: They’re not just about collections (September 2007)
  • Regina .NET User Group

    • Patterns for building an Object Relational Mapping Layer in .NET (November 2006)
  • Saskatoon .NET User Group

    • (November 2006)
  • ALT .NET Open Space Conference

    • October 2007
    • April 2008

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