Overview of the Develop With Passion® - Ruby Software Craftmanship Bootcamp

The Ruby Software Craftmanship Bootcamp is a five day course that will focus on helping you build a set of strong core skills using the Ruby programming language. It will also focus on helping you build skills and practices that can allow you to enjoy a long, satisfying, and meaningful career as a software developer. Registrants will be able to go from the ground floor with their ruby skills, to being able to wield it pragmatically as a tool to aid in their software development efforts.


If you are expecting to come to this course to learn how to just use rails or build a rails app,then this course is NOT for you. This is a course for "coders" who want to sharpen the sword, and are not afraid of being challenged on a daily basis.

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You will learn development techniques, approaches, habits, and skills that will dramatically increase your day to day productivity as a software developer.

This course will focus on a code centric view of learning Ruby. This is not a course about learning a lot of gems, or 3rd party Ruby tools. It is about building the skills that can allow you to start leveraging Ruby as another tool in your developer toolkit.

Core Concepts Overview

  • The importance of setting goals for your life and career
  • Core Ruby
  • Crafting habits to build a long lasting, and satisfying career as a software developer
  • Driving out functionality and design through testing

Detailed Topic Coverage Breakdown


  • Classes
  • Modules
  • Alternatives to Inheritance based designs
  • Composition ruby style
  • Metaprogramming

Testing and Tests as a Design Surface

  • Using Automated Testing Frameworks
  • State Based and Interaction Based
  • Using tests as an initial design tool
  • Practical applied test driven design

Recommended Prerequisites

Prior experience programming in another language. Should be comfortable with the following software constructs:

  • Conditional Logic
  • Looping Constructs
  • OO Programming Paradigm

Intended Outcomes

Upon completion of this course students will be able to utilize and apply the Ruby programming language to enable them to use it as a supplemental tool to aid in application construction, or general purpose automation. Along with the Ruby fundamentals students will leave with a practical vision of how to apply a lot of widely applicable software engineering techniques. More importantly, you will leave with a roadmap that you can use to continue to build your skills over the entirety of your career.

Course Requirements

Upon registration, students will be provided a link to a setup page that includes an overview of machine setup requirements and a detailed walkthrough of how to their machine ready for the course.

What is included with the price of the course?

  • Five days of coding madness (Five - 8 hour days)
  • Lunch
  • All code artifacts generated throughout the course of the week
  • $140 Paypal credit that can be used for book/license purchases of books/tools mentioned or used throughout the week


10 - >12 hours in length

This is a very code centric week. Come expecting to learn a lot about general programming paradigms along with learning/honing your Ruby skills.

Aside from being a technical course, one of my important goals is to have people leave feeling more energized and empowered both about their personal and professional lives. To start/recommence dreaming big, and to work on acheiving their goals in small, patient, and manageable steps.

If you feel you might be interested in participating in this exciting week of coding madness, then check out the upcoming course calendar

Are you ready to Develop With Passion®?

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